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Honeymooners swim for life

Saturday October 3, 2009
DALE and Sarah Bland were just days into their new life as a married couple when a black wall of water threatened to take it all away.

We didn't fake it: diving couple sue

Monday June 8, 2009
TWO divers who survived 19 hours at sea after their tour boat allegedly abandoned them on the Great Barrier Reef last year are suing the Nine Network over claims they deliberately hid from the dive company so they could sell their story to the media. The diving instructors Allyson Dalton and Richard Neely, who live in California, were rumoured to have received up to $1 million in media deals after selling the rights to their story of survival off the Whitsunday Islands in May last year an amount they have denied. David Gabriel Watson David Watson OzSail

The treasure of islands

Saturday May 30, 2009
From Odysseus to Brando, humans have responded to the siren call of islands, writes Peter Pierce. Islands: A Trip Through Time and Space By Peter Conrad Thames & Hudson, $45

Islands for the dreamers as well as the damned

Saturday May 30, 2009
Islands: A Trip Through Time And Space By Peter Conrad Thames & Hudson, 192pp, $45

Wedding Of The Week

Sunday January 18, 2009
Nicole Cassidy and Nicholas McGrath Sunlovers Terrace, Daydream Island Resort.

Romantic Escape Ends With A Ticket To Nowhere

Wednesday December 3, 2008
JENNIFER CLARKE'S honeymoon ended in an "unbelievable nightmare" - she and her husband stranded in the seedy Thai city of Pattaya with 70 other Australians.

Hell Hath No Fury Like The 'ex' Files, A Spite Site When It's All Over Bar The Shouting

Sunday October 19, 2008
A legal gap has left men with no recourse when they are defamed on dating websites, writes Liz Porter.

My Island Home

Sunday August 24, 2008
Much has been said about Fiji's beauty, but it is the people's legendary hospitality that makes it an unforgettable destination, writes Tom Cockrem.

Brides Without Borders

Saturday April 12, 2008
More couples are choosing to marry overseas, not just honeymoon there, writes Genevieve Swart.

Father Switched Newlyweds To Fatal Flight

Wednesday May 31, 1995
John Laverick offered to help his only daughter, Leeca, when it became obvious that she and her bridegroom would not be able to make the scheduled flight to their Lord Howe Island honeymoon last year. The families could see the wedding celebrations stretching well into the night and wanted the Ne